Mounting Subwoofer Spacer & Foam Gasket

Mounting Subwoofer Spacer & Foam Gasket

February 15, 2015
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Sound System Advice from Facebook Questions

This question was asked to us by one of our followers on Facebook.

Cody asks,

Does anyone know how to mount a subwoofer using a spacer?

Certainly! First off always be sure you have all the tools need for installing an audio system. One you ensure you have everything you will need the installation of the subwoofer, minus the wiring, should be fairly straight forward. Though we do have an important audio tip that can help ease the process. Now for installing a subwoofer with a wooden spacer ring try pre-drilling guide holes no larger than the heads of the screws/bolts you plan to use to mount the subwoofer.

There reason we do this is to allow for the spacer to be level when installed; reducing the chance of any binding.

I’m sorry I did not mean spacer …

I meant ask how to install a foam gasket from a new subwoofer?


Not a problem! In this case simply peel the adhesive strip off and apply the foam tape on the underside of the screw holes on the subwoofer. Then mount the sub with wood screws as you would normally as the foam gasket is just a thin padding so the screws will go through it with ease. However remember that the foam gasket that comes with most newly purchased subwoofers are not really a spacer nor extremely necessary for a installation. Though for a professional install it is useful for keeping the box nice and sealed, effectively retaining more air pressure.

Thank you Cody for submitting your questions and photos as well as to all of you for reviewing these quick audio advice tips from us here at the Subwoofer Forum!

For professional assistance with this installs in your local area please either leave a comment below, fill out our audio system installer locator form or write to us on Facebook, Twitter or any of our other social media channels.

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