Buying Subwoofers That Hit Hard

Buying Subwoofers That Hit Hard

How to Make Subwoofers Hit Harder

In the audio industry Watts measures your power and Ohms measures the resistance. Learning all you can about these two forms of measurements is crucial for understanding how to properly select your home, marine, and car audio subwoofer systems. Though at times subwoofer enthusiasts can find themselves short on cash and therefore many decide to go with a lower entry level system; just so they have a little thump to enjoy in their trunk.

subwoofers that hit hard

Audio Guide to Getting your Subwoofers Louder

Whenever you are trying to build a car audio system on a budget there may be a time where you will be forced to decide to choose between what you want and what you can afford.

Now assuming that you have purchased the best possible entry level car audio system (amp kit, subwoofers, and amplifiers included) that you can afford; it’s time to optimize your system! The concept is actually very simple; it’s all about the enclosure.

Think about it if the main factor behind a loud system is the subwoofer(s) and amplifier(s) then your only option is to manipulate your systems box. Most people tend to resort to stuffing boxes as well as installing sound dampening materials or even a passive radiator and they would be right to do so, that is if we weren’t on a budget. This is why it makes it more practical for us to start by choosing the right type of subwoofer box right from the get go.

The main three subwoofer boxes from loudest to quietest are:

  1. Bandpass (single-reflex, dual-reflex, and series-tuned)
  2. Ported
  3. Sealed

subwoofers that hit hard

The Final Trick to Getting a Louder System

One of the best tips to a building a louder system would be to start by reading all of your audio equipment’s specifications properly prior to making your purchase. This would include specs such as the amount of resistances in Ohms per voice coil as well ensuring that your amplifier can provide enough Watts to cover the RMS for the amount of subwoofers you are planning to connect to the amp while simultaneously being cautions to not over power your subs.  As you can see our goal here is to try to get a louder sound without having to change out or purchase any expensive amplifiers or subwoofers.

subwoofers that hit hard

Be warned the port being in the wrong position can make or break your car’s audio system.

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